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Basil Leaf Cracked

Basil Leaf Cracked


The name Basil comes from the Greek word for "king," and it is indeed the King of cooking herbs in Mediterranean cuisines. Paired with tomatoes, or tomato sauce, it forms the base of many Italian dishes, including the iconic tomato basil soup. When mixed simply with garlic, olive oil, pinenuts, and parmesan cheese, basil is transformed into pesto--delicious on everything from french bread to pasta and beyond. Dried Basil is exceptional when added to tomato sauces, cold pasta salads, grilled fish, salad dressings, and roasted chicken. It is also commonly found in marinades, stews, and soups. Indeed it is rare to find an Italian recipe that does NOT include basil, so always have some on hand!


Fresh high-quality cracked basil leaves. 

  • Basil Leaf Cracked

  • Ingredients:

    Basil Leaf

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