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Black Himalayan Salt

Black Himalayan Salt

SKU: 13632

Black Himalayan Salt is a unique taste experience -- a savory umami note, combined with the slight sulfur smell of hard-boiled egg, on top of a base of sea salt. Black Himalayan Salt is manufactured by traditional methods in the Himalayas of Pakastan and India, by taking Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and firing it in special kilns with charcoal and spices. The result is a fascinating flavor combination unmatched elsewhere. 


The eggy overtones of Black Himalayan Salt making it a frequent ingredient in vegan dishes made to mimic eggs, like mock-scrambled eggs made from tofu and used in breakfast burritos and scrambles. Many Indian recipes also feature Black Himalayan Salt, including raitas and chaats. Westerners are still experimenting with this Salt, so consider adding a dash to your savory dishes to see what the unique flavor adds? 


2.5 oz / 70.9 g resealable zipper bag

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