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Extra Spicy Sriracha Blend

Extra Spicy Sriracha Blend

SKU: 607469965750

Looking for that iconic Vietnamese Sriracha heat and tang in a shelf-stable powder form? Our Extra Spicy Sriracha Blend is truly hot and delicious. It combines the heat of multiple varieties of hot peppers to reach a high-heat leave while keeping the full tangy and slightly sweet Sriracha flavor. Spike your fried rice with a little (or a lot!), experiment with spicy dips for vegetables or shake it on your grilling meats. What isn't better with Sriracha? But be ready, because this blend is HOT! Check out our Mild Sweet Sriracha blend if this one is over the top.


4 oz / 113.4 g resealable zipper bag.

  • Inspired Ideas

    Shake it on Meats, Rice, Nachos or mix with sour cream, mayo, ketchup or butter for a dip or sauce for Corn, Popcorn, Fries

  • Ingredients

    Sugar, sea salt, pepper powders, garlic, paprika, citric acid,  apple cider vinegar, IP maltodextrin, IP modified food starch



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