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Garlic - Roasted and Minced

Garlic - Roasted and Minced

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If you do a web search on garlic, you are likely to find as many hits about the health benefits of garlic as you do its culinary uses. This isn't WebMD, so we'll stick to cooking.


On the culinary side, garlic is the star of the beginning steps of recipes in cuisines around the world. Sautéed in peanut oil, garlic is the beginning of egg-fried rice. In olive oil? That's the beginning of Spanish Paella or Italian Spaghetti Bolognese. We could continue for pages!


Use our roasted minced garlic to add strong garlic flavor to any of your dishes.  Roasting imparts a little added sweetness, as the garlic carmelizes a bit in the roasting process. Shake into mashed potatoes, atop your pizza, into your vinaigrette salad dressings... pretty much everywhere but ice cream! (Wait... roasted garlic ice cream? Maaayyybeee?)


2 oz / 56.7 g resealable zipper bag

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