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Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise

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Historically, Grains of Paradise seeds were a substitute for pepper when pepper got expensive, but slipped to obscurity when pepper became cheap again. Many chefs snort at the comparison to pepper, believing Grains of Paradise to have a far superior flavor, described as sweet-spicy and buttery. Recipe hunters find Grains of Paradise commonly used in West and North African cooking. This unusual spice also appears in many recipes for chai tea.


Grains of Paradise are the seeds of the plant aframonum melegueta, and are related to both ginger and cardamom. We recommend mixing Grains of Paradise in a grinder with black pepper, for the best of both flavors, the bite of pepper with the floral overtones of G of P. Try it!


1 oz / 28.4 g resealable zipper bag

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