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Jalapeño Sriracha

Jalapeño Sriracha

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Love that sweet and tangy heat of Vietnamese Sriracha sauce? Ever wondered what would happen if someone made it with American Jalapeños instead? This blend is your answer! We use the ingredient base of a traditional red Sriracha, but bring in green Jalapeños instead of red peppers. The result is something you are going to want to try on nacho night. Mix it with a little sour cream, to your desired level of heat, and see what it adds to your nachos! Or shake a bit into your favorite taco filling as it cooks, to add heat and tang and sweetness. The possibilities are endless for this versatile blend. What will you try?



4 oz / 113.4 g resealable zipper bag.

  • Inspired Ideas

    Shake it on Meats, Rice, Nachos or mix with sour cream, mayo, ketchup or butter for a dip or sauce for Corn, Popcorn, Fries

  • Ingredients

    Sugar, sea salt,jalapeño powder,  garlic, citric acid,  apple cider vinegar, IP maltodextrin, IP modified food starch



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