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Mustard Seeds - Yellow Whole

Mustard Seeds - Yellow Whole


Yellow Mustard Seeds come from the white mustard plant, which comes from the Mediterranean region. This plant is the mildest of the mustards, often used as a salad green, and its big yellow seeds are ground to produce most mustard condiments found in the United States. Mustard seeds have a firey, sassy flavor that imparts a characteristic bite wherever used. Whole seeds like these are excellent soaked in water, and then emulsified into salad dressings or vinegars, or ground into pesto. Or they can be sprinkled whole into skillet dishes that have about 5 minutes of cook time left, giving the seeds time to release their piquant flavor. Or, at their most intense, they can just be sprinkled over salads or fresh steamed veggies for a surprise bite of fire!

  • Yellow Mustard Seeds Whole

  • Ingredients:

    Yellow Mustard Seeds

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