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Peppercorns, Black (Whole)

Peppercorns, Black (Whole)

SKU: 15102

Black pepper comes from a lovely tropical flowering vine. This vine makes clusters of fruit (called drupes) that turn red when ripe. Inside each drupe is a single seed, the peppercorn. Pick the drupe when it's green, and the black seed inside can be dried and ground to make black pepper! Wait until it's ripe, and the seed can be processed to make white pepper. Our whole black peppercorns are just what you need for your grinder to add "speckles" to eggs, or a fresh grind on your salad, or a hearty crust of coarse pepper for your blackened steak (or catfish!) Grind away!


2 oz / 56.7 g resealable zipper bag

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