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Yogi Herbal Tea

Yogi Herbal Tea

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Yogi Tea, what's that? Think of it as Chai Tea, without the Tea. Chai Masala Tea is a unique group of spices, mixed with black tea, that is used to create the iconic Indian drink "Chai." Yogi Tea is that unique group of spices, together, without the black tea! So think of it as "Herbal Chai" if you like... whatever you call it, expect to find the vibrant spice flavors of Chai... the sweet cinnamon, the fruity cardamom, the biting ginger, and the spicy black pepper... make your own hot drink? Or grind and use the spices to make chai beer? Or spice some rum? All of this is... Yogi Tea. 


Caffeine Free

1 oz in a resealable zipper pouch

  • Ingredients

    Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and black pepper.
  • To Steep:

    Use approximately 1 tsp per cup of water.  Steep for about 4 minutes.


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