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Some of the many ways we care

Superior Quality Spices and Blends​​

We source only the best quality spices and raw ingredients so we can bring you excellent flavors and aromas. We mix and package our blends in small batches to ensure you'll get the freshest seasonings. We are constantly innovating to bring you new products and flavor combinations.  

Excellent Customer Service

Our knowledgeable staff strives to give everyone the best service possible. 

Environmental Protection

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.
Robert Swan

We love blending spices and creating flavors, but using our business to make the world a better place gives our work its meaning.    

We are committed to positive actions that sustain the environment and protect the natural world all around us so future generations can enjoy the same natural, healthy and flavorful herbs, and spices.

We are committed to a positive, life-giving environmental impact that restores degraded natural environments and enables increased biodiversity and abundance of ecosystems.

The manufacturing of products creates waste, however, we strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment in every way possible.

The growing of food has become overly reliant on the use of toxic chemicals and other methods that are unsustainable. We support sustainable and safe methods of food production that maintain the nutritional benefits of foods, reduce environmental degradation, and support family farms and rural communities.

We make responsible choices that reflect our values. We care about the environment, and we know we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. Big things start with small steps. We have made everyday sustainable solutions a part of how we do business.

We package using recyclable, biodegradable packaging wherever possible. We offer our customers sustainable solutions, such as offering products that encourage them to use refillable glass spice jars. We seek to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic waste on land and in our oceans.

We are gradually changing over to energy-efficient LED lighting. We recycle as much of our waste as possible. We are constantly seeking ways to invest in meaningful projects inside and outside our business.

In other words: we are using spices to change the world.

Social Responsibility

We celebrate our graditude by giving back to organizations we love.

We believe in diversity, equality and inclusion of everyone. 

Employee Well-being

Our employees are so important to us and we work to offer our employees an engaging workplace with room to grow and develop as individuals and within the company.

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