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Buffalo Hot Sauce Mix

Buffalo Hot Sauce Mix

SKU: 20472

The delicious buffalo hot sauce flavor in an easy-to-use and store-dry seasoning. 


3.5 oz / 99.2 g resealable zipper bag
  • Ingredients:

    Garlic, onion, butter powder (nonfat dry milk, natural vitamin E & C), sea salt, paprika, red pepper, honey, fructose, jalapeno, chipotle, apple cider vinegar (maltodextrin, apple cider vinegar, modified food starch), Worcestershire powder (corn syrup solids, salt, caramel color, garlic, sugar, spices, soy sauce solids (naturally fermented from wheat and soybeans, salt, maltodextrin, caramel color), palm oil, tamarind, natural flavor, sulfiting), spices.
  • Directions:

    Mix 2/3 cup dry mix with 7 Tbsp water to make thick sauce


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