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Muddy Bigfoot Brew Tea

Muddy Bigfoot Brew Tea

SKU: 607469966504

Can't decide between coffee and tea? Why choose? Now there's "coftea!" (Or would that be "teafee?") Whatever you call it, try it before you judge! This inspired meeting of our Bigfoot Morning Brew with an extra kick of Freeze-Dried Espresso might just become your new day-starter. Created especially for the Bigfoot Festival, this novel blend is a wake-up call!


Approximately 80-150 mg of Caffeine


Use approximately 1 tsp per cup of water.  Steep for about 4 minutes.


1 oz / 28.4 g resealable zipper bag

  • Ingredients

    Black tea, rose hips, freeze dried espresso, elderberry, blackberry leaf, bee pollen and stevia leaf.



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