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Pepper, White (Ground)

Pepper, White (Ground)


Looking for a peppery bite in your white sauces or potatoes, but don't want black flecks? Ground white pepper is the answer. White pepper comes from the same plant as black pepper, but the pepper berries are allowed to fully ripen. Then they are fermented, and have their skins removed, leaving a white peppercorn with the flavor of pepper--and an earthy overtone missing in black pepper.


Asian cuisines make good use of white pepper. Ever wondered what the "hot" is in Hot and Sour Soup? White pepper! (Vinegar is the "sour.") Chinese stir-fries benefit from a shake or two (or more) to add heat. Always have a little white pepper in the cupboard, and experiment with it as a "secret ingredient" that adds a little mystery heat that will make folks wonder.... 


Ground White Pepper.