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Arabic Baharat Spice Blend

Arabic Baharat Spice Blend

SKU: 607469965323

Baharat is Arabic for “spice” and Inland Empire Spice’s version is a sweet and fragrant regional blend with a rich history. Its original Mesopotamian spices were enlivened by the addition of spices originating in Persia and South Asia received from traders along the Silk Road and Spice Route.


It is a special all-purpose spice blend widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine. It can be used as a seasoning and in rubs and marinades and adds depth and flavor to sauces, soups, grains, rice, vegetables, stews, and meat.


2.5 oz / 70.9g resealable zipper bag

  • Ingredients

    Spices, Black Pepper

  • Inspired Ideas

    Soups, Stews, Sauces, Marinades, Meat, Vegetables, Hamburgers, Eggs, and Salads



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