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Caraway Seed - Whole

Caraway Seed - Whole

SKU: 11762

Caraway is one of the most ancient of spices, with evidence of its use starting in the Stone Age, over 5000 years ago. Whole caraway seeds often appear in savory baking--the seeds found in rye bread and soda bread are usually caraways. British "seed cake" is another famous baked good that relies on caraway seeds for its characteristic flavor. 


It's quite common for cooks to throw a handful of caraway seeds into dishes; indeed they appear in odd places! Throw some into potato salad or coleslaw, or a few into tomato-based soups. Any dish that features cabbage will benefit from caraway! Toss some over roasted root veggies? Or as a secret ingredient in your hearty stews? Keep caraway in your spice cupboard and experiment with sneaking a bit into a favorite dish... just to see what will happen! Hey, if it can make cabbage go kapow, the possibilities are endless!


2 oz / 56.7 g resealable zipper bag

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