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Cinnamon Blackberry Herbal Tea

Cinnamon Blackberry Herbal Tea

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This is a lovely and flavorful herbal tea that's bound to surprise and delight! We called it Cinnamon Blackberry tea because those are the first two ingredients, but that doesn't begin to cover it! We also added dandelion leaves, hibiscus flower, lemongrass, real apple chunks, fennel, elderberries, and rose hips. Our blend expert just went all out with our most luscious delicious herbal ingredients known to be antioxidants and/or loaded with vitamins. So mentally rename this one Cinnamon Blackberry AndAndAnd and enjoy how all those leaves, flowers, fruits, bark and seeds dance together in your cup.


Caffeine Free

1 oz, in a resealable zipper pouch

  • Ingredients

    Blackberries, cinnamon, dandelion leaves, blackberry leaves, hibiscus flower, lemongrass, dandelion root, apple chunks, fennel seed, elderberries and rose hips.
  • To Steep:

    Use approximately 1 tsp per cup of water.  Steep for about 4 minutes.


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