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Creole Sausage Seasoning

Creole Sausage Seasoning

SKU: 40154

Ready to try making your own Andouille Cajun sausage? Andouille is usually made from course-chopped pork, but you can definitely make it with this year's elk or deer.... and "course-chopped" sounds mighty fine when you are tired of grinding! Our Spicy Creole Sausage Sausage Seasoning is just what you need to turn that meat, ground or chopped, into a fantastic, spicy, Lousianna sausage. Bring on the garlic, bring on the heat! 


This spice mix is for fresh sausage only. For smoked sausage, you will need to add a curing agent (Quick Meat Cure) - sold separately.



  • Ingredients

    Sea salt, spices, onion, sugar, red pepper, garlic, black pepper

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