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Espresso Sugar

Espresso Sugar

SKU: 607469966153

If you love the taste of coffee, here's a great way to add it in unusual places in your day! This blend of real coffee and sugar is delicious sprinkled over vanilla Greek yogurt, or atop peanut butter toast. Blend with savory herbs and spices to add the rich taste and aroma to your meat rubs destined for the grill! Or explore adding coffee sweetness to your cocktails and toddies? Experiment away! Almost everything is better with coffee, right?


2 oz / 56.7 g resealable zipper bag.

  • Inspired Ideas

    Cookies, Pies, Sweet Bread, Muffins, Oatmeal, Mix into Butter or Cream Cheese, Drinks, Tea and Coffee

  • Ingredients

    Sugar, coffee and safflower oil



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