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Italian Grinder Blend

Italian Grinder Blend

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Any home chef with a daily dinner to prepare for a hungry family needs a go-to seasoning that sits on the back of the stove in a grinder, waiting for those long days when the ingredients are there but the inspiration is not. This is the stuff. A balanced blend of dried italian herbs (basil, thyme, oregano, and rosemary) with minced onion, garlic, salt, and pepper, this blend turns whatever is sizzling on the stove into something that will sizzle on the plate. Grind it fresh, and you know the flavors are the freshest they can be.


Grind this blend over the chicken as it cooks. Marinate veggies with olive oil and half a dozen generous grinds of this blend, then roast them. Grind over your homemade chicken noodle soup as the broth boils and the veggies soften. If you're a scratch cook with a flair for the 20 minute one-pot assembly, you will reach for this often.


3 oz / 85.1 g resealable zipper bag.

  • Inspired Ideas

    Pasta dishes, salads, breads, pizza, soup and meats.  Can be mixed with butter or olive oil for a spread.

  • Ingredients

    garlic, salt, onion, black pepper, red pepper and spices.



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