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Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

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This decadent green tea is sensual and elegant, made from carefully rolled leaves of green tea that have been infused with jasmine. The process of jasmine infusion is fascinating. Jasmine flowers are picked at night, before flowering, and placed in a closed container with the tea leaves. In the morning, when the jasmine flowers open, their scent washes over and is absorbed by the tea leaves. This flavor-infusion process is repeated, even as much as a dozen times, until the tea carries the heady aroma of jasmine to your cup. When these rolls are steeped, they unfurl in a process called "the agony of the leaf." Enjoy watching!


Approximately 30-60 mg of Caffeine

1 oz, in a resealable zipper pouch.



  • Ingredients

    Green tea scented with jasmine blossoms.
  • To Steep:

    Use approximately 1 tsp per cup of water.  Steep for about 4 minutes.


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