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Kissler German Sausage Seasoning

Kissler German Sausage Seasoning

SKU: 607469965538

You won't find this blend anywhere else! A Kissler family recipe, from one of Inland Empire Spice's owners, this authentic German Sausage Seasoning brings the garlic, the sweetness, and the mild, simple goodness you want in your sausage. Great for butcher-bought beef and pork, but even more delicious with your venison or elk! One package seasons 5 pounds of meat.


This spice mix is for fresh sausage only. For smoked sausage, you will need to add a curing agent (Quick Meat Cure) - sold separately.


5.5 oz / 155.9 g resealable zipper bag.

  • Ingredients

    Sea salt,  brown sugar, garlic, black pepper, spices



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