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Inland Empire Original Bratwurst Seasoning

Inland Empire Original Bratwurst Seasoning

SKU: 607469965637

Craving traditional Bratwurst? Use our seasoning to turn your ground pork or veal (or other meat) into the best wurst around! This blend is mild, with only a little white pepper for heat, but packs a lot of interest from an unusual trio of spices. In this case, there's no garlic to holler while the other spices sing. The result is a flavorful blend with no one thing overpowering the others. Check out the excellent balance that results! One package seasons 5 pounds of meat.


This spice mix is for fresh sausage only. For smoked sausage, you will need to add a curing agent (Quick Meat Cure) - sold separately. 

  • Ingredients

    Sea salt, nonfat dry milk, spices, white pepper, ginger, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D3



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