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PNW Bigfoot Coffee Rub

PNW Bigfoot Coffee Rub

SKU: 607469966177

Coffee rub? COFFEE rub? COFFEE RUB?? 


Yes. Coffee rub. Try it. This does amazing things for your steak, your pork tenderloin, your brisket. What things, you ask? Well, for starters the flavor. It doesn't exactly taste like coffee. Instead, you get a deep earthy flavor that complements nicely the sweetness of the brown sugar and aromatics of the spices blended in the rub. But also, the acidic nature of the coffee acts as a natural tenderizer for the meat. And a thick crust of rub enhances the moisture of your cut by creating a seal that keeps the juices in. Win. Win. Win. Coffee rub.


We created this blend for the annual Bigfoot Festival in Metaline Falls, Idaho. We have it on good authority that Bigfoot likes coffee too.


4 oz / 113.4 g resealable zipper bag

  • Inspired Ideas

    Steak, Pork, Jerky, Brisket Roast, Chicken

  • Ingredients

    Brownulated sugar, chili powder (Chili Pepper, garlic, 2% or less silicon dioxide (to prevent caking), max of 100ppm ethoxyquin (to preserve color)), sea salt, coffee and spices



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