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Tea Gift Box

Tea Gift Box

SKU: 82110

A delightful gift box of Raspberry Black Tea, Chocolate Chai Tea, Chocolate Strawberry White Tea, Wild Rose Mint Black Tea, Strawberry Basil Green Tea, English Garden White Tea 

  • Ingredients

    Chocolate Strawberry White Tea - Natural chocolate and strawberry flavor, white tea, cocoa nibs, freeze-dried strawberries, and rosebuds. Raspberry Black Tea - Black tea, freeze-dried raspberries, raspberry leaf, raspberry flavor extract. Chocolate Chai Tea - Rooibos, ginger, cardamom, chocolate chips and chocolate flavor. Wild Rose Mint Black Tea - rose buds, peppermint, and spearmint. Strawberry Basil Green Tea - Egyptian basil, rosebuds, hibiscus flowers, strawberry pieces, natural strawberry flavor. English Garden White Tea - rose buds, lavender and spearmint.

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