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Enchilada Seasoning

Enchilada Seasoning

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Ready to make your family a dish of flavorful, authentic enchiladas? Use our spice blend, with your tomato sauce and water, to make an aromatic, mild, delicious enchilada sauce. Our blend brings depth of flavor, but not too much heat, to please those who don't necessarily like dinner to light them on fire. Give the sauce a taste as you create it and you'll see.  (You can always ADD heat, using our Ground Chipotle Powder, if you have daredevil palates in the house.) Mix the sauce with your meat and roll those enchiladas, saving enough sauce to cover for baking! We know you'll love it.

  • Enchilada Seasoning

  • Ingredients:

    Corn Flour, chili pepper, salt, onion, corn starch, spices & garlic


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